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Dr. My dog lost a toenail

Dr. My dog lost a toenail

Dear Dr. My sister’s 13 year old female border collie lost a toenail when it got caught in a knot hole on their deck steps. Is there anything she should be doing? There was no blood or swelling, she just limps but still gets around good.

Dr. Generally, keeping the nail clean and dry is the best thing you can do for broken nails.  And once the nail bed heals, there isn’t much left to do.  However, if it’s been days and she’s still limping, I worry there may be something left in the nail bed that’s causing a problem, or that there’s an infection.  Having that foot checked out by a veterinarian is your best bet just in case pain meds or antibiotics are warranted.

Best of luck!
Dr. Katy J. Nelson
AKA Dr.!

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