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Pet ‘Net Family:  Reconnecting with your pet

Pet ‘Net Family: Reconnecting with your pet

Aarff.com is joining the web’s top pet-focused websites today to honor our pets!

This is the third year petside.com has hosted a Pet ‘Net event, and this year’s theme is.. family.  Aarff.com is pleased we’re taking part for the second year in a row.  We decided to write about reconnecting with your pet.

Those who have pets know they are truly a part of us and our families.  In fact, you can kind of  compare having a pet  to a marriage or long-term relationship.  It is fabulous and new in the beginning and then as the years pass you know they’ll  always be there and you may, at times, take them for granted.

Our lives are busy with family, kids, jobs, baby boomers caring for elderly parents, so at the end of the day we just want to….exhale.   Our faithful four legged companions are always there greeting us at the door, anticipating a walk or even just a few minutes of your time.

Did you know senior pets make  up more than 35% of the pet population in our country?   That means there are a lot of cats and dogs who have been there for you through thick and thin.  They’ve listened to  your problems, cheered you up when you were sick, played with your kids, jogged with you, even been your excuse for being late. (I had to throw that one in)

This holiday season, while you spend time with out of town relatives, attend and/or host holiday parties, shop,  and bake, be sure to give thanks and reconnect with the one being who is always there for you…your pet.

Here are a few things you can do to let him know you appreciate him.

Spa Day

-While it’s great to take our pets to the groomer, why don’t you treat him to a spa day at home, plus it’s cheaper!  Light some candles, and play  some soothing music.  If you’re up to giving him a bath…great!  If not, just a nice brushing with some great smelling pet spray.  There are so many types, including aromatherapy, and lavender.  Then give your pet a massage.  My pet loves it.  I start under his ears, move down to the neck and work my way to his legs and belly.  This is the ultimate human-pet connection. For older pets this is particularly great since they have a few more aches and pains.


-The only walking some of our pets may get is exploring their back yard.  Day after day how boring is that?  Let them explore the neighborhood and take them for a walk. The connection I get with my pooch by taking a nice, long walk is priceless.  The people we meet along the way and the oohing and ahhing they’ll get from admirers gives them an extra shot of love.

Dog Park

-Even if you don’t have a designated dog park in your community, taking your pet to the park to meet other pooches for some canine bonding is great.  If you do have a dog park, letting them run leash free to play and sniff their counterparts back sides…you’ll gets lots of tail wagging.

Lunch Date

-You can approach this a couple of ways.  Is there a pet bakery in your community?  Take your pet to a bakery and pick out a special treat.  There are also restaurants that allow pets in their outdoor dining section.  There are also coffee shops where you can enjoy the weather and your pet.  Just be sure to bring a portable water bowl for your pooch.

Family  night

-As our pets get older, they will sleep more and may start to isolate themselves.  You’ll notice they may not play with as many toys too, even some of their favorites.  Plan a family night.  If you watch a movie, at least make sure your pooch is in the family room with everyone.  Take it a step further and watch a pet themed movie.  Who know, maybe he’ll watch some of it!  Buy him senior specific toys he can play with.  Make sure your kids play with him.  Just let him know…hey we appreciate you.

Belly rubs

-This is something pets can never get enough of.  Make it a point to give him a belly rub each and every day.

Our pets are true gifts every day, so this holiday season make sure you reconnect and keep that connection throughout the year.  Happy Holidays from aarff.com!

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